About ASIT

The Trust provides workers’ compensation coverage for nursing home and other long term care employees and owners/administrators. ASIT was nationally recognized at the September 2011 SIIA Conference. By participating in ASIT you will receive the following benefits:

Monthly Installments

ASIT provides a low down payment and monthly installments on the remainder of the premium due over the term of the policy year. This maximizes cash flow for the nursing home.

Claim Services

ASIT has partnered with CCMSI, a third party administrator (TPA), to provide interactive claims management services at your direction and benefit. Claims are reported online through their user-friendly program, ICE, that will immediately place them on notice of your injured worker’s claim. Within 48 hours of receipt of the First Report of Injury, a CCMSI claims representative will contact the member facility and the treating medical provider to determine compensability. In the event the claim is considered to be lost time (8 days or more), the employer, the medical provider and the injured worker will be contacted to facilitate communication and understanding of the claim. CCMSI claims representatives are always available to discuss questions and provide guidance to member facilities and injured employees.

Monthly Loss Reports

Each member will be provided with monthly loss reports detailing the facility’s claims activity. These reports will keep the Member informed of the status of claims as they develop.

Loss Control Services

ASIT provides each facility with an annual on-site loss control visit. The Loss Control Consultant will survey your facility and operations and will assist you in controlling your losses.

Safety Program

ASIT emphasizes the importance of a Safety and Loss Control Program that is aimed at risk identification, risk analysis and loss prevention. Our Safety Program is a customized approach that provides motivation and incentive programs for the employees and promotes team participation and pride in the workplace. ASIT provides annual safety meetings at various locations throughout the state which must be attended by each facility. CEU credits are earned at these meetings. ASIT also offers members quarterly web seminars on topics relevant to the skilled care industry and often chosen by the members. These seminars and handouts are recorded on placed on the ASIT members only web site which also contains various other important forms and documents.

NEW BENEFIT: Each ASIT Member will receive an ASIT Dedicated Laptop with an HDMI cord to use as long as you are a member. The laptops can be connected with the HDMI cord to a television so that they can be used during in-service meetings or other group training by playing one of the ASIT web seminars.

Return of Surplus

ASIT collects premiums to cover expenses and losses only. Any profits generated by the Trust are kept in an investment account and will be returned to you, the Member, as return of surplus when all claims are paid. The ASIT Board of Trustees has declared return of surplus for each of the fund years. Return of surplus paid through November 2012 for fund years 1992 through 2009 are over $23 million.


Audited financial statements, certified actuarial reports, payroll audits and all other account functions are provided for Members of ASIT. This will provide the Member with a high degree of confidence in the strength and stability of ASIT.

Assessment Protection

ASIT has an Assessment Mitigation Policy in force to help prevent an assessment against the members. This coverage is a policy exclusive to ASIT.