ASIT Membership Info

Membership Information

We appreciate your interest in the Arkansas Self-Insurance Trust. Our guidelines for membership are:

  • Financials

    Current financials shall reflect a current ratio of 1 to 1 or better and a long-term debt to equity ratio of no greater than 2 to 1. Financial statements including balance sheet and income statement must be provided with application for membership.

  • Loss Experience

    Applicant must have a historical loss ratio of 60% or better. The loss history must have a valuation date no older than one year from the proposed effective date of coverage with the Trust.

  • Experience Modifier

    Must have an experience mod of 1.30 or better.

  • Current Insurance

    Applicant must have a workers’ compensation policy effective within 30 days of effective date of coverage with the Trust.

If you are interested in obtaining a workers’ compensation quote, we will need the following information:

  • Annual payroll by class code
  • Number of employees for each class code
  • Experience Modifier
  • 3 years loss information

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